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Meet the Founders

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Lisa DeLong


   This was a family affair. I wasn't looking for cannabis. Cannabis found me.  At least that's what it felt like when Jess, my eldest daughter called to inform me she was trimming weed in Oregon. Standing in the sun drenched window of my home in California, I thought, So much for those student loans!  

The next thing I knew she and her farmer friend were sending me documentaries and articles on the health benefits of cannabis. When I found out that we have a supportive bodily network called the Enodocannabinoid system, the nurse in me became angry. Why didn't I learn about this in nursing school? !

I discovered cannabis was the medicine I had wanted in 1990 when my son, Justin, then five years old, was diagnosed with leukemia.  It was also what I wanted for him when he relapsed and died ten years later and what I wanted for his brother who was also diagnosed six years later.

My passion for plant medicine came from hard earned, deep wisdom, derived from over thirty years of raising two sons who had the pediatric cancer experience. 

During profound spiritual experiences at the bedside of my boys, I was cracked open to my ability to hear and know deep truths about life, death, and living with purpose. 

Plant medicine is my purpose. As an author, inspirational speaker, nurse, and plant medicine advocate it is my honor and joy to share what I know about the healing aspects of hemp with you! 

BLOOD Brothers, a memoir of faith and loss while raising two sons with cancer.

TEDx Changing the Face of Death

Workshop Leader at Rythmia Life Advancement Center, Costa Rica

Member Agape International Spiritual Center 

Member of a healthcare leadership and management speaker's bureau (for more information contact me at

Karen White


A time for new things and new adventures!  I believe divine intervention lead me to reconnect with Lisa after 17 years to embark on this journey into the world of cannabis based medicine.  

My Great-Grandmother was a member of the  Chippewa

Tribe of Sault Ste. Marie, MI where my father was born.  I am also a member of the Chippewa tribe.  While working on reconnecting with my roots, I wanted to learn more about plant medicine.  That interest lead me to meeting up with Lisa after many years.

For the past 15 years, I helped manage a small teleprompting company, so I'm familiar with the ins and outs of small business. Lisa and I found out our skill set complimented each others.  Lisa is extremely knowledgeable about both plant-based and traditional Western medicine and is a fantastic speaker.   I enjoy the business aspect and organizational end of things.  I also have a background in natural oils, which has helped me in my learning process.    


I wish I had known about the benefits of CBD while my parents were still alive.  Both succumbed to a stroke.   I know my Mom had high blood pressure and I believe if I had started her on drops and other complimentary cannabis products, both my parents may still be with me.  My mom believed the "cannabis" hype - it's an evil mind-altering drug.  I wish I could have educated her.   Thankfully, I can educate my three daughters.


The more I research and learn about cannabis,  the more I develop a great passion and respect for this miraculous plant! 

How This Came About...

Life is certainly an interesting journey.

Turns out, Lisa and Karen knew each other years prior to even thinking about starting a business, let alone a hemp business.

Lisa's family was actually the next-door neighbor to Karen's parents.  Karen's girls stayed at Grandma's house after school, so Karen got to know the DeLong family as well.  Lisa's husband is the track coach at the local High School, where Karen's youngest daughter ran track for him her 4 years in high school.

As time moves forward, change occurs.  Lisa's family moved and Karen's parents passed on and she eventually sold their home.  It was probably a good 17 years that had gone by prior to them crossing paths again.

Karen went through a spiritual awakening in 2009.   She had often thought of Lisa because they had lost their son, Justin in 2000 and heard Lisa had communicated with him spiritually.  Karen had also heard that Lisa had become a cannabis nurse and was very interested in the healing properties of the plant.

Eventually, they connected through Facebook and had arranged to meet and catch up on their lives.

They got together in July of 2018.  It was as if no time has passed.  They related their stories of the spirit realm and even in that meeting, Lisa had heard someone say, "Ask her who Sandy is?"

Karen laughed and said, "Get out!"

Sandy was Karen's childhood friend who had also lived on the same street as Karen and her parents.  The same street Lisa lived on.  Sandy's family had moved before the DeLongs moved in.  Sandy had passed from Acute Myloid Leukemia in 2013. 

The message from Sandy was validating for things for both of them.

Lisa was getting ready to leave for Costa Rica, where she was presenting a workshop at Ryhthmia Life Advancement Center.   Upon her return, she would be moving her youngest son, Jacob to college in Oregon, then coming home to move themselves from their current home.

A few weeks later, Karen had wanted to reach out and see how she was doing with everything, but decided to wait a little longer because she knew Lisa was extremely busy.

One morning, Karen got a call from one of her daughters asking if she could scan some baby pictures of her for a work project.  That was the last thing she wanted to do that morning, but because there was a deadline attached, she stopped what she was doing to search for photos.

The first box she  pulled out did not have the baby pictures...more class pictures and sports teams.  On to the next!  

She found what she needed and was putting things away and realized she needed to put away the first box which didn't have what she needed. 

It was a  flat bin and it was stored under the bed in her guest room.  She got up off the floor and noticed a picture face down on the floor.  Where did this come from she thought...and when she turned it over, it was a picture of Lisa's son Justin.  He was sticking his tongue out at her.  Karen remembered her daughter took the picture in Mammoth at cross country camp (Picture in upper left corner).

She immediately knew it was a message from Justin to touch base with his Mom.

Karen scanned the picture and sent Lisa an email letting her know that Justin was telling her to touch base.

Little did Karen know during that time, Lisa had been silently asking Justin for guidance, as she had many times before. “Please make it obvious,” she’d thought, wanting to share her passion for cannabis but knowing she couldn’t do it alone. When Lisa received Karen’s email and saw Justin’s familiar playful expression, she felt his presence immediately. Literally laughing out loud she said, “That was quick. Thanks Justin!” Lisa has had many mystical experiences with Justin, pointing her to plant medicine.